Cal Williams Jr  

Cal Williams Jr's guitar work is impeccable under his gorgeous voice. A marvellous quilt of tones and textures from this masterful player
  - Blues Blast, USA

Cal’s dexterous string work is second to none, with guitar solos on King Billy leaving you mesmerised
  - Eastside FM

Brilliant and Bewildering Guitarist
  - Timber and Steel, Aus

A brilliant exhibition of slide guitar
  - Leeds Music Scene, UK

From the moment you hear the slide guitar time stands still. Completely mesmerizing and wonderfully soulful, Cal’s music gets into your very core and you are at it’s mercy until the very last note
  - Rock the Vote, Australia

Intense and very accurate slide guitar madness
  - Whisperin’ and Hollerin’, UK

Richly evocative, conjuring visions of strange, spacious and shadowy landscapes
  - SA Roots and Blues, Australia

Cal’s laid back vocal delivery and gorgeous acoustic guitar envelop you and pull you into his musical world
  - Blues Underground, USA

Crisp, clean and haunting. Cal’s slide slashes so sharp you could almost cut yourself on it
  - Byron Bay Fm, Australia

This is acoustic blues played by an expert
  - Melbourne Blues Society

A captivating and addictive mix of acoustic folk and blues that will stimulate, invigorate and liberate you. A truly beautiful collection of songs
  - Sandman Magazine, UK

A peaceful and shimmering musical landscape that is frankly, beautiful
  - Blueswax Magazine, USA

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